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Women Networking 
This site uses white space to offset the rectangular shapes that tables inherently endorse. Combines with JavaScript rollovers and random selection of photographs, this main page is quite a design.
The American Century 
This site uses JavaScript for some exceptional interface design (look at the scrolling timeline when you enter the exhibit).
This site (after the initial splash screen) uses frames in one of the most clever and interesting ways I've ever seen. Frames are always a challenge to use in designs, but this is one of the best implementations I've ever seen, and its consistent metaphor (the meter ruler) is well done, though busy.
Big Healey's 
The web counter is always a design problem -- if you're going to have one, how do you integrate it into the look of your site? This site does a great job by taking the odometer metaphor common in graphical counters and following it into a speedometer motif.
Digital Moments 
This site's use of splash screens (two of them, actually) shows some of the clever means of designing for variable-sized screens without sacrificing design integrity.
Wired Web Monkey 
Wired's Webmonkey site looks extremely useful. It's chock full of information, reviews, tips, etc. If you can get over some of the annoyingly Wired-ish aspects of the site, it is apparantly one of the most popular sites for web design on the net. Has helpful guides to application software related to web design, like Photoshop.
Project Cool Media 
A network of websites relating to web
design, by PCWorld. Very comprehensive. Includes guides, tools, web design bboards, texts, examples of good design. A bit
cute, but there's quite a lot of free
stuff and an excellent range of information.
Creating Killer Websites 
The web site for David Siegel's excellent book about contemporary web design, this URL offers useful tips, sample sites and information for the web designer looking to create more visually compelling sites.